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Images for Keep It On Collar ™

This is the Images for Keep It On Collar ™ page of our press kit. Here, you will find our most commonly used images found on our website and in our marketing. Note: The Keep It On Collar ™ logo is not found here; it is found on its own page of the press kit.

Images are provided in 150 X 150 pixel thumbnail and 300 pixel sizes. They are in.jpeg format. If you would like an image in .png, .gif or a different size or format, please contact us at email@keepitoncollar.com.

Most of our images pertain to either the product itself or are those of subject animals wearing or using the Keep It On Collar ™ products.

@2013 C&R Pet Products LLC is the manufacturer of Keep It On Collar™ and Keep It On Leash™ products.