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@2013 C&R Pet Products LLC is the manufacturer of Keep It On Collar™ and Keep It On Leash™ products.

Contact Keep It On Collar™

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, we’d love to hear from you! You may also contact Keep It On Collar™ to order the Keep It On Collar™ or any of our products directly.  Just contact Keep It On Collar ™ using our contact information listed below.

Email us anytime. If you would like to speak to us via phone, we are available M-F 11am-11pm PST. Voice mail messages left will be returned as soon as possible.

Contact Keep It On Collar ™

Email: email@keepitoncollar.com

Phone: (541) 779-0613

Cell: (541) 621-4947

Keep It On Collar™ is a product line of C&R Pet Products LLC. The contact information above is that of C&R Pet Products LLC, an umbrella that includes the Keep It On Collar™ product line.

Keep It On Collar™

How to put on the collar

Measuring your pet’s neck

Keep It On Leash™