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Keep It On Collar™ Press Releases

Welcome to the Keep It On Collar ™ Press Releases page of the Keep It On Collar ™ press kit.

Here you will find both published and unpublished press release links. If you look below, you will see one of the press releases in its entirety.

Goat Obedience Couture? New Pet Products Discourage Misbehavin’ Farm and Other Animals

Keep It On Collar ™ is a new safer two-in-one revolutionary design in pet products aimed at keeping dogs, cats, sheep and even goats in their collars.


PRLog (Press Release) – Oct. 27, 2013 – MEDFORD, Ore. — Goats are known for their misbehaving antics: butting you when you’re not looking, chewing your clothes and all sorts of other unruly things. Essentially, anything you don’t want a goat to do, it will. At some point, every exasperated goat owner asks, “is there anything that can help deal with these creatures?”

Keep It On Collar™ has introduced a pet collar that even goats will find difficult to disobey. These pet collars are no ordinary collar. Their special design combines two collars into one for a “safer” collar — safer, meaning comfortable yet unyielding. That way, the animal cannot get loose and do itself harm. It is twist-resistant, holds on to the animals neck so it cannot back out or work itself loose. The only way even a goat can get the collar off is to chew it off, and that’s anatomically not possible.

The Keep It On Collar™ pet products, a line by C&R Pet Products LLC, consist of collars in a variety of colors and designs, along with the option of a matching leash. Both are made of ultra-tension, polyester webbing, quadruple stitch reinforced strapping with factory-welded, nickel plated O and D rings. This is just the kind of strength in pet products that goats need to keep them in line.

Firm enough for goats, sheep and large dogs, yet comfortable enough for rabbits and cats. The Keep It On Collar ™ is tops amongst new pet products, because it inspires even goats with the notion that being obedient is a lot easier than misbehavin’.




@2013 C&R Pet Products LLC is the manufacturer of Keep It On Collar™ and Keep It On Leash™ products.